Up&Down Bike


Up&Down Cover.jpg



Up&Down Bike

is system allowing cyclists to adjust the saddle

(also during the ride)

thanks to a small lever on the handlebar.






For the users:

Safe and easy to use

12-16 different positions

Applicable to new and old bicycles

Impossible to steal without tools

Without maintenance



For the producers:

Mechanical system

Simple and cheap to produce

Patented already in all main countries

Enormous potential market (80 mil/y new bikes)




It must be improved (aesthetics and mechanics)






International Patent:

Obtained, it covers the design of the CAM and SEAT-POST








Test production & adjustment

Crowdfunding campaign





The inventors can develop the products with an industrial Partner

The industrial Partner must invest in developing the product and bring it to the market

The industrial Partner doesn’t need to by the patent, but just pay the royalties according with the sales

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